Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Fundraiser for Red Cross Tsunami Effort

A Night of Relief. I totally forgot that I stopped into SBNY last night on my way. I had run into my friend Gian on the street and he said SBNY was cute and wouldn't be waste to stop in. He reminded me that last night was the Fundraiser for the Tsunami Relief.

So I go on in and I guess I had missed the frist two numbers up on the stage and even at 11:30 they hadn't opened up the dance floor. But I did get to see about 5 different songs, all good. I wasn't too familiar with the men who were up on stage, they were singer/actors but they were also the co-directors of the night. I don't think most of the people on this poster showed. But I will be checking the website to see the pictures to see what I missed.

But there was a girl named Jema, Michele Weeks and, of course to close off the night, Ms. Martha Wash.

They had enough raffle prizes for dinners, spa services, gift certificates, show tickets and a ski trip to a Vermont (condo included) to think that everyone in the house would win something.

Was a good crowd. Could have been bigger, not sure where everyone was last night. Maybe the $20 suggested donation at the door kept many away. But the show went off well and they were quite happy with the outpouring of support from the crowd, the entertainment community involved as well as the bar and staff.

Good work, guys and gals.

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