Sunday, February 06, 2005

Is it me or my Non-iPod?

I have never felt like I was left out by not having an iPod, even though I do plan on getting the iPod shuffle any day now. But it does seem strange to me that when I am listening to my music through my PDA that people still stop me to ask me questions, directions, where I got the "make your ass hot" jeans I am wearing…okay, maybe not that last one but you get the idea. My ass is hot on its own.

Could it be that the lack of white earphone buds means I am not cold and closed off to the world? That, somehow, by still listening to music through black ear buds that I am more open to the world? Am I “Old School”?

I have to say I never see iPod devotees stopping to talk to anyone other than friends.

People say it is because I give off a friendly, welcoming vibe when I am walking down the street, but most people that know me can tell you I walk at top speed down the street, look everyone in the eye, but I don’t register much.

I will continue to listen to my music, help ladies across snowy/icy streets, give tourists directions and so forth. But, God forbid, you come up to me, stop me, make me take out my bud and start in on the speel for some money. Just ask me. I seem to get the people who want to give me a full, drawn out story. Drives me crazy.

Okay, got off the point a little but now I think after this last paragraph I will go out today and get myself an iPod Photo and join in the ability to ignore the world with those comfortable white buds well planted in my ears.

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