Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Volleyball, Opera and Spicy Thai

I can forget to post about the most basic things that make me happy. This was a good Tuesday night. Started out with volleyball in the park, as usual. Sadly we had to leave early because the parks dept was doing the opera in the park so they needed to close our area for the performers and such. They put up a big stage and such at the north end of the Great Lawn for this. Similar to when they host the philharmonic.

So after leaving I had plenty of time to go shower and change to head over to the Urban match my friends were playing in. Surprisingly I get there and they are playing mroe friends of mine. Very uneven match but they could both tell that going in. Makes me see I want to be a better hitter in the middle everytime I go watch.

So afterwards we (Bryan, Ariel, Marjon and myself) go over to Hell's Kitchen for some thai food at Pam. 47th off of 9th avenue. All the food was good. I will remember to ask for mild spicy on my Green Curry beef next time. Very, very spicy. It is sitting in the refrigerator right now.

Then a nice walk through Time Square for drop offs at various subway stops then a nice walk over to Lexington, a nice goodbye and on home I walked. Great night, great weather, great walk.

See, doesn't just a nice night make you want to stay or come to NYC?

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