Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Just Wanted to Say Hi.

So after last night I decided I needed to get away. Got up this morning and hopped on a plane to a nice warm island in the middle of everything, I never really want to be in the middle of nowhere. You can see the hut they gave me in the far left side of the above picture. So much better than that foggy wet mess NYC has become over the last couple of days.

Who wants to join me? Forget that who wants to join me. There are only two people I might ask to come along. Bry? Michael?

Okay, so really I am sitting in front of my computer as usual having a little day dream, but doesn't that picture just make you leave yourself for a little bit? It is not amazing or overly luxurious but it is very relaxing and I could sit in a hut like that and just look out at the ocean.

I think it is time to get back to reality and go to Starbucks, okay, maybe I will stay in my hut for another 10 minutes then I will join the rest of you again.

See ya soon.

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