Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Photos: They Will Be Added

I think I am going to start taking at least one photo a day of my goings on in NYC. Well, maybe not what I am doing but since I am always carrying my camera I will start just snapping at things I find interesting or not what you might think of "the everyday NYC".

I woudl also love to hear about things you might like to see that you might not think NYC has shown you already. You might not get it the next day but you will get it if I can find it.

Also let me know if you like the changes I am slowly making to the blog. I am still not sure of the colors I just changed to. I think for sure the black will stay but the text colors are still up in the air.

Come on people, no fun to right this if you don't tell me anything.

Come back tomorrow to see what the first picture will be.

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