Saturday, August 26, 2006

So It Is True About Reality TV.....

I was laying in bed last night just flipping through the channels around 2am when I got really high into the channels 800+. I came across FitTV and a show called Fit Family. I was watching for a few minutes when I realized I had seen this woman before. Wait, I had seen this fire fighter husband before and also these three kids. What gives?

Oh, they were the Pitt Family from Wife Swap and lived in a pet infested dump.

So I had heard that people really go from show to show but it is rare that I have seen a family go from show to show. I guess there isn't enough reality out there for everyone so some families just get a lock on it. Or could it be that most people don't want to be taped every second for this show and that show.

My friend in Miami saw this blog recently and said I was totally exposed. I beg to differ; I write about what I choose to. I edit, okay really I just try to spell check, but there is no hidden producer to make me seem one way or the other. I have all the control. I don't think I would be doing any reality show out there today, with the exception of The Amazing Race.

Makes you wonder how true is "reality"?

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