Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gone Mama Gone: Farewell

In Memory of Noi Chudnoff.

Noi, owner of Go Mama Go!, died on Tuesday, Nov. 6, after a fall at Holy Cross Hospital.

I had written a post this past June 6th after a trip down to DC where I met Noi and found her to be such a nice woman and then I was told of all her efforts in the DC gay community.

Just thought it right to acknowledge her death just as I had her life up to the point I met her.

Here is a comment that was let anonymously on the post I wrote in June.
Anonymous said...

Noi was my friend. We met in Oregon while I was selling products to newcomers. We had Thai cooking classes in her humble home and went canoing on the Williamson River for crawdads. We shared good cups of coffee and pastry together and vegetables and fruits from our gardens. She had an incredible sense of style. I am saddened greatly by her sudden death. She touched many people with her kindnesses and her wit. We loved her very much. We will miss her very much. Please continue to support her causes and her store. We were among her family of friends. Noi passed away on 11-6-07-- this entry made in her memory.

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