Friday, November 16, 2007

DVR Recordings

It is actually kinda of scary how easily you can really start to fill up a 40-80gig DVR (digital video recorder).

Seems that with the current writers strike I can't really bare to try and watch reruns of The Daily Show and with pretty much all shows stopping production we are going to be headed into reruns come next month. Which isn't much of a surprise since sweeps are coming up and we would be in reruns and mid-season replacements anyway.

I do notice that I am reluctant to watch most of the shows on the DVR so I will have plenty to watch when the time comes, but then again when I don't watch those shows I can not watch the next episode on shows like Heroes, Journeyman, Ugly Betty, The Hills, ANTM or Brothers & Sisters.

Wow, I guess I just really gave you pretty much all of my favorite shows and I would think some of the gayest shows on tv right now. I like though that I have a equal mix of scripted and reality shows. Life should be about variety.

Oh and since this is on the DVR right now lets talk about the greatest variety show of all times; The Carol Burnett Show.

The American Masters series on PBS recently ran their tribute to Carol Burnett entitled: Carol Burnett: A Woman of Character, aptly titled I would say.

Michael had either emailed or called from Texas asking me to record it so he could see it when he got back into town. Now I grew up watching this show and I knew it was funny but sitting here watching it with Michael I had a totally new appreciation for the entire casts talents, but especially Ms. Burnett's.

From the questions at the beginning of the show to the cast kooky characters I have not laughed at such things for such a long time.

Please I suggest if u are in the need for a good laugh then catch the show when/if it reruns anytime soon. The link for the schedule is above and enjoy every sketch they show, you will feel so much better for "having the time together".

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