Friday, November 16, 2007

Forgive & (kinda) Forget

The last few weeks I have been just posting items that are mostly photos with a story but not much real substance.

Well, after putting it off for a few weeks I do have to finally write about that one man who really got under my skin then pretty much did the whole "Alien" thing to get out. Okay, so that is a bit much on the description but you know how it feels when someone leaves you and you are left there just in a pile.

So Schawn came to town after putting it off once before; things came up on his end. He wasn't here to see me per se, but he did want to make a point of seeing me face to face after more than two years.

We met up. Had a nice sushi lunch then came with some very nasty tea.
We hung out, we talked and I think we both came out of it better than we went in.

I can see us really being friends again. Good friends and I will always wish him the best in his life and I was very happy to hear the things he said about me (back then and now) and I am very happy to hear about how far he has come since then; both in terms of himself and with other people.

I wish him utmost happiness and look forward to having lunch again soon and talking about his "buddy" Marty. That last line is more for him since most people, actually none of you, will not know what it means.


photogreg said...

Glad to hear you are able to forgive. I wish I was at that point. But I'm not sure if I'll ever forget. Take care.

The Lonely Optimist said...

You are amazing.

I've been thinking. Maybe you should take piano lessons?

See you soon...

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