Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sunday Hospital Update....

Well not much to report.
Nothing was broken, which is what Archie was hoping for. They say a break is alot easier than something torn.
Off to a specialist he goes. Well, guess I will have to keep in touch with him by phone because he knew his volleyball season was over.
Was kinda cool though while we were sitting around at the hospital after his xrays were done we were sitting outside the "conference room", seemed more like a 6x6 lounge for the doctors to look at x-rays and chat. But the screens for the x-rays, computer screens not the wall boxes we are used to, was so big we could see his films from outside the room. I can't read x-rays, well not like a real doctor, but we didn't see anything broken.
Later the doctor came out, she was nice, and yanked on his foot before she left him in the care of was her time to go home.
Then Archie's BF showed up so we all talked a little longer then I left him in the hands of his man.
Just in case you were wondering.

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