Monday, October 24, 2005

Ready to Cry...

I just watched some footage from Monday's Today Show. Of course everyone is/was reporting on Hurricane Wilma, I always preferred Betty, but anyway that is just me.

The footage was of Al Roker giving a report out on the deck of his hotel. Wind is whipping past all, similar to how it was beating up Shepherd Smith back with Hurrcane Rita.

Next thing you see is the camera panning back (zooming out) to show all indeed on the deck outside the door. The camera man was very obviously inside the room while Al, hero that he is taking his beating. Pan back more and we see someone, not sure if it was the sound guy, a grip or what but someone has wrapped themselves around Al's legs so he doesn't blow away. But Mother Wilma was in bitch mode and next thing you see is a gust and down Al goes onto his "anchorman".

After that he said he was alright and would continue from inside.

Again, what makes reporters and weathermen, no, they are not the same thing, believe they are any better than the public at large. No normal people shouldn't stand in a hurricane and neither should they.

I think we all understand that it is quite windy and rainy during a hurricane.

UPDATE: After saying all that I have I found that I do just love seeing one weather man reporting from the rain in his nice tight black CNN polo. Rob Marciano. Dear God...lets find him another storm. someplace warm and tropical where he will be wearing boardshorts and sunscreen.


Anonymous said...

Watch your double negatives.

Saintly71 said...

I know I said Rob Marciano, the weather man, was reporting on the storm and I did just say weather men and reporters aren't the same. But the thing is they are acting as the same.
If you asked an anchorman if a weather man/woman was a reporter I am sure they would take offense but really aren't they just all telling us the same thing. Weather is forecasting, reporters are pretty much giving you an update of the recent past.
That said Rob can report anything he wants to me. Haha.

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