Friday, October 14, 2005

Not to be Mean....

This isn't for everyone and not to be overdramatic, but it is slightly:

"This is a re-take of my life"

"That's the problem, I loved him too much; and when you love him, he becomes unattracted to you."

Right now, two lines from the same song couldn't be more true.

You think you are totally over someone, then bang, they are back in your city, talking about someone else the same way they spoke about you.

Bull shit.
Get pissed if you want, you know it is true.

Held on way to long. Cared for someone who I never should have.

Don't know if I will regret actions of the past couple of minutes or not.
I erased every picture I held special. Every email has been deleted.
Even removed the email/home/work addresses from my my computer.
I am done.


Enough now

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