Wednesday, August 03, 2005

New York's New Security Precautions

I would just like to think that as a New Yorker that if someone was really out to get me that they would be smart enough to change up their plans once the police tell you they will be searching bags and packages.

I have to say I can think of many ways to get around those searches and I am sure they have too.

As someone who usually carries a bag with a computer, gym clothes and assorted papers i have yet to be stopped. Actually I have only seen them in the subway at 86th street once. Never at 77th.

I did however see two police officers slowing down a bus line tremendously by having people open bags as they boarded the bus. There should be some way to do that quicker. If people are waiting check them as they stand in line, don't wait until the bus pulls up, that is when schedules get thrown off.

I feel no safer or secure by the fact that they are violating anyone's and everyone's rights by illegally searching bags.

Be honest, do you feel safer? Isn't there more they should be doing than this? These are issues that really make me want to be more political. I have been reading what different groups have been saying and most say it is a waste of time. It is just cosmetic and sad to say it isn't even a very good brand of makeup; more Target brand than MAC.

But don't get me wrong, I do love me some Target.

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