Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Campus Man.

While sitting here writing these posts that I have been promising the tv has been on behind me. Out of the blue comes on a movie that I used to dream about when I was entering high school.

Campus Man.

A really 80's movie with Morgan Fairchild and Dana Delaney. They are the only names who are really still around from the movie.

It was about a student/entrepreneur who is trying to stay in college, Arizona State University I believe, and he decides to make a “athletic” calendar featuring the men of Arizona State.

Steve Lyons was a model who was brought in to play his best friend/roommate/school diving star who becomes the cover model for the calendar. Oh after that life changing chaos erupts. Okay not life changing and you know that everything works out but there is enough skin to put a 13 year old gay boy over the edge.

Speedos galore.

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