Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Big Cup Closing

Well, it seems that after being in NYC/Chelsea for 11 years it is my time to say goodbye to a place that was a big part of my first 3-4 years here in the city. The Big Cup.

Word came the other day from my friend Hal that there is a sign posted inside the establishment stating that due to rent increases they will be shutting their doors as of next week.

Now Hal and I laugh that he who lives but a block away and visits there most mornings to do computer work, so much in fact that we call it his office.

I stopped going years ago when it felt like I was approaching the first age limit. I consider there to be two limits. Those too young to be able to hang at bars so they meet friends and hang out there. The others are men who either never left or are looking for boys too young to get into anywhere else.

Either way, I knew when it was time to leave.

I think tomorrow I might have to go back and have myself a really bad cup of coffee, grab a tattered magazine, get a cream cheese bagel and enjoy myself like I used to back in the 90's.

Goodbye to a former nook I used to enjoy.

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