Sunday, August 14, 2005

Are There Really Nice Guys Anymore?

Well, I mean besides me and many of my friends. Makes me wonder why I have the strict rule about not dating friends or friends of friends. Maybe it would make sense to dip into that pool, at least you get some insider information beforehand, right?

Of late I have tried to do the dating thing again. Well, really only once. Nice guy, I guess. Great times. Then all the sudden he is too busy. I know he is a busy person but come on, when you see someone online and they can't even drop you an email or phone call, you aren't too busy.

The nice guy before him, well I have no idea still what is up with him. He tells me things that I tried to believe but I am starting to think that really all guys in NYC or LA want are people that treat them like shit and they want to take it.

I am at the point where I don't care what guys think, but I get the constant question of, "Why are you still single?"

I know they both read this and I hope they will give me a clue as to why I am still single. Too nice, too easy going, too friendly? I have no idea.

I do have one clue because all my life I have been that person that people considered an "instant boyfriend". Someone they gelled with so quickly that before long, I mean weeks we were together and happy. People get frightened of that these days. All days I would say. People complain there is no one around that wants to commit but I think really they prefer the chase and rejection over something real. Am I wrong?

Think back to some of your worst relationships, they ended badly or there were trust issues or what have you....are you still in contact with that person? Did you really ever bother to cut those strings? Did you want to? Don't you really prefer the agony that this person put you or continues to put you through.

Just pissed off right now and not really caring what some people think. Take it as it is.

To some....don't bother anymore. Actually, make that all of you. I have had enough.

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