Monday, January 31, 2005

Sitting at Starbucks

Now anyone who knows my computer habits knows I like to go to a coffee shop in Chelsea and sit and do my emails and actually sit and work on the blog you are reading (writing, searching for picture, thinking up ideas, etc.)

Well today I thought I would try the “Daddy of Them All”; Starbucks.

I parked myself this afternoon at the Starbucks on 47th and 9th avenue in Hell’s Kitchen.

My do people act strange in public. And yes, it is still public. Your little table is but a mere foot and a half from the next and people carry on conversations as if they were home. Private, not fit for public conversations.

Homeless people coming in, at least I assumed they were homeless, maybe they were just crazy. Tourists, couples, singles, people coming in to do work, problems hooking up to the wireless signal ( I was asked for help twice) and so on.

But after the hours of crazies and accents I noticed that there is a kind of kinship at this place. People make space for others. Many know the regulars and they stop and chat. And they aren’t all locals either.

I sit here in the window, watching people go by; I can’t really do that at my coffee shop. A lot of action here during the day, but sadly the sun goes down too quickly and now I am sitting in a lit window while it is dark outside. Feeling exposed much? Maybe.

But the best part of it was that the cutest of guys came and is sharing my table with me. Do I talk to him other than the looking up at each other that keeps happening…..probably not.

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