Thursday, January 20, 2005

Eagle Jock Ball (The Day After)

Have to say that the Jock Ball was alot of fun. Fun guys, some new friends to go with the old, sorry, good friends I went with. No view of Cyd, but a lot of softball, enough gay cheerleaders to fill a football field, a handful of adv. volleyball players and I guess some flag football people, rugby MEN and assorted others. I still don't consider bowling a sport. Hey it is just MY opinion. It is fun, but not a sport.

Beer was Budweiser World Draft or something like flowed from 7 until 10. From the bottle or you could have a cup to pour it into. Cheena needed his in a cup, of course.

Rich, Cheena, Steven, Arvin, Hal, John, John Henry, Ethan, my baby Pablo, Josh, Josh, Jorge were all spotted having a great time mixing among the different sports. Got to meet quite a number of people I had only seen before. Watched the Pool Tournament between the different sports, not sure what sport won. It was after 10 by then and it was winding down.

Afterwards it was over to see the Shasta Cola Show at Barracuda. That was one hot show. I think I might have gushed about Shasta before but this show went on from about 12:45am until 2:20 am. Costume changes, audience requests, a noted choreographer in the house and still she went until she had absolutely nothing left to give. She couldn’t lift an arm. She deserved those tips. And anyone there could see in the NEW TIP JAR that it was full to the top and we aren’t talking just singles. Congrats Shasta.

Oh it was time to sleep after that.

Yeah, volleyball season starts tomorrow.

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