Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Appropriate or Not?

Since moving to NYC ten LONG years ago I have seen things I never thought I would see on the streets, subways, in restaurants, at the gym (okay, I knew I would see that), but some things just make me sick.

Now I know people have a need to sneeze and blow their nose, two things that totally gross me out. I don’t know why they just always have. But since when is it okay to clip your nails in a crowded subway?

You never know it either. All the sudden you start to hear this clicking sound and you know you know the sound but can’t see where it is coming from. Then you see the man or woman who is just clipping away at their claws. Now as a decent, properly taught person I like to do that in the privacy of my bathroom, just because it is not a fun thing and easier to clean up; but the first thought that comes to me on the train is watch your eyes.

Come on we all know those babies can fly if cut at the wrong angle.

I know I am not alone in this but I think people are just a little taken back by it and don’t want to be the one to ask the offender to cease and desist. “DROP THOSE NAIL CLIPPERS”

Am I alone in this?

What else has stunned me? People spitting phlegm like substances on the train or shooting them from their nose….not on a crowded train of course. Had the pleasure of walking towards a homeless woman one day in the East 50’s and she lifted her dress like article of clothing all the way up and took a squat....just pee but I think you are getting the idea.

Come on people, we all have to live here. Let’s clean up this place and make it someplace you want to say you are from. Maybe that is why it seems everyone is moving away. I have on good authority that NYC is so OVER.

I am holding that in consideration but I can’t find another place to move to that is NY like enough to keep me.

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John said...

I've lived here for 22 and a half years and if you think what you're experiencing now is offensive, you should've seen the city when I 1st moved here. However, I've no tolerance for ignorant, inconsiderate people that we are forced to share our mass transportation with. Backpack wearers on crowded trains, Ipod listerners who blast a sound and subject others to their terrible music, fatties taking more thsn 2 seats (shouldn't they stand, at least its a little exercise), people who dont move out of the way, childern who sry and their parents, and of course, there are the singing, dancing, stumbling beggers who, although I dont like being guilted into giving money, I do have compassion for. The list goes on and on!

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