Monday, January 31, 2005

Killing in NYC

So, the story about the actress who was shot in the LES this past weekend seemed quite shocking to me, but why? The more I hear about this story it seems that everyone involved was stupid. The kids who were out looking to hurt someone and the victim who commented, while I gun was pointed at her, “What? Are you going to shoot us now?”

A friend who lives in New Jersey was shocked by the story. Not for the same reasons as those of us who live in Manhattan. He lives in Hoboken and is a teacher at a local high school. He said it was strange that something that is common place outside of the city in more urban areas would garner a front page slot for 2 days in Manhattan.

As of today they seem to think they have half of the group that was out with the shooter that night. They think they may even have the shooter, we won’t know until after the press conference they have planned.

I knew it wouldn’t take a week to get to the bottom of this. Kids talk, the people the kids brag to or talk to talk also. If they don’t have the shooter they will have him in a few days. Hello, we have all seen Law & Order.

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