Friday, December 17, 2004

Where does the Time Go?

Seems like it was just yesterday I was sitting here writing away about Westphalias and bad cell manners and then poof (and I am not talking about me) it is a week later.

Well, little and much has happened.

My 33rd birthday came and went like a flash. Sad to say the work day was bad on that Wednesday, but the evening more than made up for it. A very nice dinner and for those who know me I don't eat a regular dinner that often. More the late night eater; being the night owl that I am.

But EJ took me to a very nice restaurant called Hearth on 12th Street and First Avenue. Great food, had the Quail appetizer and the Lamb entree both were great. Oh and should you go get the Pureed Sweet Potatoes. I sampled first and remarked that the were like warm baby food, but in a very good way, never have I had something smoother in my mouth....wait, what? Well, anyway, they were great.

Then off to Ruby Lounge on 2nd Street between Avenue A & B. Very cool, mixed group, not many people on a Wednesday which made it quite nice to sit and talk and relax. Oh yeah, check out the bathrooms, many hot things to check out in there.

I was quite thankful for such a peaceful evening. This coming from someone who doesn't ever do much on his birthday, it was nice to have friends who wanted to make something of it. I thank you.

So this little message is being brought to you courtesy of Grounded. A very cute little organic coffee and tea house at 28 Jane Street. Stop on in. I would have their website listed but it is not up and running yet, but I will give the link anyway and maybe they will put something up soon.

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uberdei said...

There were many smooth textured and simply delightful components to the meal---could not agree more. My favorite, was the dessert, simply sinful....and chocolate, of course.

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