Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Seattle New Years of Last.....

Just a memory of my last New Year's Eve, also Christmas.

I was in Seattle; contemplating a move there. With Kevin.
Great guy. Long distance is hard. Gets harder and that is why I am not there now.
Still someone I think of often and I know he is doing well.

So, if any of my friends on here are from Seattle look for a very sexy, 42 year old man roaming around Capital Hill in a hot VW, run after him cause he is worth being caught.

Fireworks off the space needle and champagne in the Park on First Hill with a gaggle of very mixed couples. Gloves and scarves and new sweaters. Digital pictures since lost but not the memories.

Just memories folks, we all have them, this one just came flooding out right now.

Hope you can be with the ones you love this year, and if you can't let them know beforehand. I plan on it.

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