Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So here I am hoping to re-embark on my almost every day blog. Sadly the everyday blog has turned into a monthly picture post and without much excitement to go along with that.

So much has yet been going on and I just totally forget to post about them. I keep telling myself if I can post a status update or send a tweet; isn't' that really just the Life Should be Fun headline for the day?

So looking back I have given you Ginger Ale Iced Tea, Broadway Bares tickets, a beach shot form Provincetown, Yankee stadium and the Microsoft Gallery way back during NY Internet Week.

Those things were sadly weeks apart. I don't see how I could forget to include at least one picture of NY Pride, some of the better shots of Provincetown, Mets' Citifield, Portland Maine, working on the green garden on our deck, new and old friends hanging out, volleyball, Central Park, theatre trips. Wow that really adds up and if I started now I bet by the end of next week I could fill you in pretty well, with individual postings about all things summer.

I guess today, being the 1st day of fall, is a great time to clear the cobwebs out of my mind and get down to it.

Not sure how I have missed some of the best dreams I have had in years that I actually managed to write down and hope to post.

What about my fixation of late with clouds? Oh my god, I have taken at least 100 pictures of clouds in the last 3-4 months. Sadly today is a cloud covered day so no fluffy, menacing, swirling clouds against a beautiful blue background to gaze upon.

Okay, so that is enough babbling and I will leave it at this. I have said it before but now I will do better. More posts. Better pictures. Maybe even some info on what is coming up with me, my man, our dog and NYC.

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The Lonely Optimist said...

You have a dog??? What kind?

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