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Dreaming Oprah

I am down in Sao Paulo with the ANTM (America’s Next Top Model) crew. We do a self styling challenge and then off to dinner. Thankfully there was neither Jay to be found. Oh they get on my nerves. Finishing dinner and word gets around that Oprah is in this huge rustic long communal table type restaurant.

As everyone is leaving I head back to our table in the rear to talk with the chef about this particular dish. As I do u can hear the girls half way across the room say 'What? Oprah is here!!!' and they start to get louder and louder.

You see two people move from a smaller corner table (where did that come from) to a larger group table.

Just as they sit down one of the girls screams out 'Hey Oprah, how r u doing girl?'

As I chase the girls out I turn to Oprah and say 'Sorry.'

Oprah says, 'thank you.'

I wake up.

Now I wonder if, in my dream, I should have said 'I apologize Ms. Winfrey & Mr. Graham'. A good dream and all I come out of it with an etiquette questions.


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