Sunday, September 27, 2009

A New Bar(-tini) Near By.

One day you can be walking up 10th avenue and see the usual papered up windows at an old bar and the next day you walk by and find a nice white, sleek-ish looking bar.

White walls and from what you can see a neon blue wall in the back. Nice windows. A simple bar. Is this going to be the new local bar? There isn't a simple bar for the gay crowd in Hell's Kitchen. Well, maybe there is but not one I like and Therapy is just out of range being about 9-10 blocks away. Yeah, I know that sounds lazy. But to get me out to a bar it needs to be close and relaxing and has to be fun to hang out at with your friends.

So as I write this update it is Sunday morning, the 27th of September. Last night, after a small birthday dinner for our friend Scott, we ran over to Bar-tini to check it out. I was tired and that should be a warning of how quickly I can be over something. I was up for going though since it is a block away and I wanted to see the crowd and the full space.

We walk the block in the rain to go have our nightcaps. It was almost 1am by this point in the evening.

Walking up and the nice white wooden door opens and we step inside to find a small space. It is smaller than The Ritz, the next closest gay bar.

The crowd was young, except for a creepy old man sitting next to the door on a stool. I have no idea what he was doing, could even be what would go as a door man, but looked more like someone you would sidestep on the street.

I really did want to give Bar-tini a fair chance but I had an immediate aching in my head due to the volume of the music. There were speakers EVERYWHERE in this small space and there was no difference in the music levels from the front door to the dance floor in the rear of the bar. A quick walk to the back to see the dance floor, sadly the same view I had from the front of the bar. There are just two small single toilets that are against the wall of the dance floor.

Wait staff is swirling around. People this is a bar, not a club. A cute name does not make you cool.

Anyway, I get back to the front and one of our friend's has had enough and she is heading home. By the time Jay got back inside 90seconds later the idea was to leave and go next door to Conker Hill for the nightcap we had hoped to have at Bar-tini.

I gave it a chance and that chance wasn't a good one.

I think I will stick to The Pony, which is across the street from both Bar-tini and Conker Hill.

Jay came up behind me and said this is not an update but a rant. 

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