Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This Weather is Ridiculous

I sit here in Central Park waiting to go to the gym for my volleyball match tonight.

I will say that it just get me how people become with some added heat.
They slow down so much that it makes you wonder why they are even walking.

Take a cab.

Take a train.

Take a pedicab.

But get out of my way.

I will say that sitting here at 6:50 Tuesday afternoon, in the shade with a not so humid breeze, feels nice.

But I am glad the weather is breaking and I hope for a hard fast cold rain to cool things down.

I wonder what the summer holds when we have had 4 days in the mid 90F temps while summer our highest temp all summer was 92F.
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::JOSH YURI S.:: said...

I envy your hot weather in NY, paris is so cold, where is summer !!! help

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