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M102 Helen

I have been meaning to give a little credit to a nice woman I met on the M102.

Now anyone who knows me when I am out will tell you I probably have my ipod on and going strong. Same can be said for the few times I am riding the bus.
This day I decided to take the M102 from my house up to 87th street to hit the volleyball courts behind the MET.

The bus comes. it is one of those super long buses with two sections with the accordian middles for wide turns. I get on, sit down and just relax. Bus is filling up but still enough open seats for people to sit alone and also those single sits are mostly open too.

Next stop here comes Helen.

Now I have my music in in shorts and tee shirt with my backpack. She comes all the way to the back section where I am sitting, stands in front of me and asks, "Would you mind telling me when we get to 67th street?"

"Of course."

She sits in the open seats behind me and even though I was just about to put my headphones back in she started a conversation that I doubt I will forget for sometime.

She is 78.
Living with cancer since she was 14. Living with it every day.
Worked in the JFK Airport back when it was originally Idlewild Airport.
Met Rose Kennedy. Had a conversation with her.

If I recall the conversation correctly Helen told Rose that her son could be "I cant remember what" someday.
In response Rose told Helen that her Sons were going to be "President".

We spoke about living life for others as well as ourselves.
Living a life that makes you happy because otherwise you will not survive it.

She was quite the woman. One who it would be an honor to meet yet again on the M102.


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