Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What is driving me crazy lately?

Well, I can think of one thing. What is it with people with shopping bags who run to the be first into a crowded elevator and then hit the 4th floor in a 37flr building? You can imagine it; the seconds after the doors close everyone ahs to move because this person has jammed themselves into the corner and now need everyone to clear a way for them. Oh that can just drive me nuts.

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Maiself said...

Lol, i can feel with you, nevertheless it's a genuine New-Yorkers Problem- here in Switzerland big elevators are real seldom and the buildings not so high, but in our elevators you'll meet the same idiots doing other crazy thing than in NY such as stopping elevators that actually don't drive in their direction, others don't find the way out of the elevator( here at my working place has the elevator in some floors the exit on the other side), so we have to control the elevator some times a day for lost citizens:-)
Greetz to the big apple

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