Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Things on TV I am Looking Forward To:

New NBC Fall show; Heroes. About everyday people who find out they have special abilities. Not necessarily the X-Men, at least I don't think but I think it will deal with seeing what the average person would do in such situations.

Project Runway and America's Next Top Model: Need you ask why I would be waiting for these two shows. Runway just makes me hope for another great cast of designers who will not try to copy any of the past contestants, attitude or design-wise. ANTM is just a guilty pleasure that you can't stop watching, plus J Alexander is back this season as a judge, not just coach. You can't beat that.

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Dave said...

Have not been to your blog in months chris, but glad i did todday for many reasons...
1. That show heros looks great (well the "lost" like picture maybe is what is unconsciously drawing me in)

2. always fun to read what you are up to

3. wanted to say hey. Things are good with me. Been recooping lately since i tore my ACL in my knee rollerskating at the Roxy a few weeks ago. No teaching now, so thats great!


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