Tuesday, June 27, 2006

National HIV Testing Day

I had actually not known there was a National testing day but it makes sense, especially if you live by the mantra of going every 6 months. So here you go, mid year/late June and then not again until January/December.

Go out and get it done. Your doctor or free clinic; get it done.

If your are in NYC I can tell you that every Friday the gay drugstore, next to Spice, on 20th and 8th gives free HIV screenings.

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The Eternal Freshman said...

Good public service announcement. Even with the disease beyond epidemic proportions, too many people live in denial that it could happen to them. Consequently, they don't get tested or even entertain the idea. I get tested every year with my annual ob/gyn visit. Even though it's not exactly pleasant, and I swear I sweat with nervousness everytime, it's just something you have to do.

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