Saturday, April 01, 2006

Walking through Cental Park

Walking to the Westside while listening to the iPod mini just bopping along.
Next thing I know the Dane Cook comedy CD comes up because I recently added it. I usually skip it to listen to the music, but today I left it on.

Now I have to sit my silly ass down because I was losing the ability to laugh, walk and breath.

I was seriously walking and cracking up with laughter. At least the people you pass can see you're listening to something funny.

I think I was only but three city crosstown blocks into my walk when it came on. Starts off so damn funny that I thought it would lose something as it went. It only got better.

I am sure you have heard of him but probably thought he was a flash in the pan, think again. Give him a listen.

Plus he is cute as hell.

Dane Cook-"Harmful If Swallowed"

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Dop said...

I've never seen him perform but I have listened to his podcast a few times and he cracks me up. Hes like a hidden secret.

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