Monday, April 03, 2006


So I finally got my ass to the barber school for my haircut and as usually I see the changes that are slowly taking effect in the city.

Last Friday as I was walking to open play volleyball I was passing one of my favorite spots to get Thai Chicken Curry. The Rice Bowl is, or should I say was, located at Broadway between 71st and 72nd street until last week. They, as well as some neighboring stores had closed their doors. And they had that sad sign up that thanked everyone for coming to Rice Bowl for the past years. But the thing is sadly, as with many other stores in the last year or two, there was no relocation address. They are just closed.

So many closings. First it was too expensive to live here and now what options for food will we have?

Back to the haircut. I go to the Barber school that is located on 29th just off of 8th avenue for a buzz when I can. I loved it. $3.99 for a haircut and then I give a $4 tip. Today I walk over and low and behold the price has been raised to $4.99.

Now I get a $5 cut and leave a $5 tip.

Oh believe me by no means am I bitching. I love this place. They cut your hair as if their lives depend on it. Taking very good care of you, or at least good care of me. If you have a simple cut you like to get done I suggest you stop on in.

And the final change would have to be this past weekends weather.

The boys really opened up the summer drawers and brought out the tank tops and cargo shorts to really enjoy the sun we had Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And I don't blame them. I was out enjoying it every chance I got.

Even today, Monday with our cool, drizzly weather it is still a nice day to just be out.

As Hermione said at the end of the last Harry Potter movie, “It is all going to change now, isn't it?”

God, I hope so, but please bring back my Rice Bowl.

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