Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Another End to Vball Season

So this past Sunday's end of season tournament wrapped up another glorious Gotham Volleyball season for the top two divisions.

Let me just say I didn't even feel like playing at all on Sunday. I contemplated not going at all. I even sent my captain a text message saying I would be late, but then of course I can't miss anything like that so I got my ass up and going and got there about 20 minutes before we were to start to play.

Good thing I did because my team only had 3 people when I arrived at the gym. Apparently someone was late on a flight, one was working and two others hadn't been heard from. So thankfully I was there and that made 4 people, the minimum about needed for your team to play.

Of course going into a situation like that with only 4 people, going up against a team o f6 or 7, just makes you think you have nothing to lose. So we played hard and we won. Then by the next time we played we had 5 people. The plane arrived and our player had hustled his ass to the gym.

We won that match too. Then another match. By the time one of the lost players showed up we had 6 and that is when we started losing.

We ended up in 3rd place. And conceivably that is about as high as we could have gone. The top 2 teams were just that good. We lost to both teams in the regular season and the same team, who came in second, knocked us from the winners bracket and then later on knocked us out as they continued on to the finals.

I was very happy with the team though.

Think it was the best we ever played together and not fought along the way.

Oh yeah, speaking of winning teams I do have to mention that the team I was picked up on for the Big Apple Tournament here in NYC won the BB division. Was so funny, I didn't decide to play until the night before the tournament and I walked in and there they were. I thought why the hell not and before I know it Saturday we were kicking ass and then Sunday we were the winners of the day, only losing any games during the finals to take it to a one game winner take all Final.

Thanks to BOSTON SWAT TEAM for including me and finally getting me a gold in NYC. Yeah, NYC is only the second biggest tournament of the year after Nationals, of course. Boston Swat Team pictured just above.

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