Monday, December 19, 2005

LPI Media Interviews and Sheryl Swoopes

So this has been on my mind for sometime now. Really the fact is I am reminded every month when I pick up The Advocate or Out magazine. Both of these publications are now owned by LPI Media.

The thing that seems to keep getting at me is always part of the interview they do with a smaller actor near the front of the magazine. Actually the interviews are usually the first thing you hit after all the editorial letters and such stuff at the front of any magazine.

I seem to find that no matter what the actor is being interviewed about there is always a need to let the reader know whether or not he/she is gay. Or should I really say there is always an alluding to the fact that; “well, my wife and I went to see” or “she and her live in boyfriend of 5 years” or “he started this movies fresh from his honeymoon with his high school sweetheart.”

Do we care about that? Doesn't that take away from whatever role they are discussing?

Yes, the actors are usually taking about a gay/bi/trans character they have portrayed in a movie but am I supposed to be impressed that he is a gay man who can act the gay role? Am I supposed to be amazed that a gay man can play a straight role. I think we see gay playing straight a lot more than we see straight playing gay.

If you read a couple of the interviews you will understand what I mean.

And while I am on a role discussing people who need to let you know.....Hello, Ms. Sheryl Swoopes.

I was more than happy to hear you came out as a active professional basketball player who has a lot of substance but must every picture I see of you have you wearing Olivia Tours on every part of your body.

I don't think it was such a surprise to anyone that you came out or that you play women's pro basketball but was it really about the money?

Enough already. Just some stuff to think about. I was going to include the picture of Sheryl in her Olivia Tours tracksuit but I thought this was just a little funnier.

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