Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Help Me Out Here.

I need some new music to get me going. I am open to most types of music, but not really into rap/hip hop. Not necessarily talking underground punk kind of stuff either but willing to give a song or two a listen to give it a chance.

Let me know what is getting your moving during your commute or during your workouts at the gym or, hell, whatever is it that is getting your ass singing and dancing around your living room.

Mention as many artists or songs as you can think of that kick ass. Current or old favorites are welcome.



Anonymous said...

Murk - "Time"
Led Zeppelin - "Nobody's Fault But Mine"
Green Velvet - "La La Land"
Prince - "All The Critics Love U in New York"
Pink Floyd - "Young Lust"
Seal - "Crazy"
Dire Straits - "So Far Away"
Michael Jackson - "Speed Demon"
Ready For the World - "Oh Sheila"
Uniting Nations - "Out of Touch"

Saintly71 said...

Wow, not that is a list that goes from here to there.
Thanks for taking the time and keep the music coming.

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