Monday, December 19, 2005

Yes, I know.

I have been bad once again by taking a couple of weeks between really posting anything good here. Well, at least anything fun. I think I threw in that NYC mystery smell just to let you all know I am still around.

I promise I will be caught up by Christmas.

I even promise a personal video Holiday greeting for all who want to get a look at me in motion. Well, not so much in motion as sitting in a chair in front of my screen saying hi to one and all.

I will let you know when and where it is up.

So stay tuned for the next week to catch up on that last 4 weeks or so.

What do I have coming up? The Washington DC volleyball tournament, Harry Potter, My Seattle ex, LPI/Sheryl Swoopes, Desperate Housewives and of course, my big 34th birthday December 15th.

Yes, I did have comments mentioning my birthday already posted on here from my friends Dave, Sarah and Bill down on 52nd. Crazy, funny lot they are.

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