Sunday, November 20, 2005

One of those nights.

So last night I had no set plans when I arrived at volleyball. Actually it was early afternoon when I got to volleyball, I didn't leave until the evening (1:45pm-7:54pm). So by the time my Div6 team was arriving to be coached for their match I was getting quite tired.

The actual plan for the evening was to go to a small birthday gathering for a friend up in Hell's Kitchen but I actually forgot to write down the address. I took that as a sign and just said I would sadly have to miss it.

My friend Ethan, one of the nicest guys in the world, told me to come on over to his place after volleyball to have a drink and hang out. Sounded nice and better yet since he is actually just two doors down from the gym.

So after my team won their match 3-0, I got my ass finally out of that gym and headed over to Ethan's to just relax.

A couple of cosmos later we were just lounging and having a great time. Ring of the bell, Chad shows up and the energy stays great. Amazing how after a bit a third can liven things up.

Turned into a fun, light headed, early evening.

Yes, an early evening. Left around midnight, home in bed by 1:30am, well, after checking emails and such, of course.

Sorry if that sounded dull, maybe you had to be there but the night just had me feeling good and that is what this blog is about right? Things that make me, and others, feel good. Well, maybe it hasn't always but that is the plan until I say otherwise.

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