Friday, November 18, 2005

Things I have enjoyed in the last month or so...

After play drinks with my team (Gian, Jorge, Josh).

Crazy city days and nights. Not sure what it is but something crazy is going on in this city of late. People are wigging out and it is getting worse and worse. Maybe I shouldn't put that down as something I enjoy but it really does make you open your eyes when your walking down the street.

Dinner with Pabs. Not many can make me smile and feel at ease as a really good friend.

Mustangs “flying” free in Alabama.

Couple of good dates. Couple of bad dates.

Still trying to figure out what that smell was. If your not sure what I mean go back in my posts and read about the mystery smell in NYC last month.

Two of the happiest barristas I have ever seen at a Starbucks. 54th and Broadway. One loved my jeans and the other just kept staring at me.

New Hearst Building. Passed it last Monday afternoon and noticed how the old base and the new glass go together, weird, not sure if I like it but I enjoyed the idea.

Got to love hanging with Rob and Pablo when I can.

First time at a Rugby tournament which also made it my first time to Randall's Island. Smells like dead fish but a great sports area, especially Icahn Stadium.

Calls out of the blue from Chicago.

And what is it with everyone thinking I am working out more? Nothing has changed but maybe my clothes are shrinking. Haha.

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