Friday, November 18, 2005

Lazy Town

That would describe me and sadly the stupidest show I have ever seen but oddly I keep watching it.

Nickelodeon. Afternoon. I really just watch it for the hero of Lazy Town, Sportacus. Not sure why. Think it is because he reminds me of an ex of mine.

Anyway, I will watch it until the fascination and his tight outfits, on this kiddie show, wears off. But what will wear off first; the fascination or his hero garb?

I promise to move my ass from this self imposed lazy town though.

I have tons to write about just haven't set ass to chair and fingers to keyboard to tell y'all the tales.

Okay, I realize I need help now once I went throught he effort of finding the pics to post. But yet, isn't he cute.


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