Friday, November 20, 2009

Life Should Be Fun......

That has long been my mantra/motto/way of life and publicly it has been  the title of my blog for about 4-5 years now. Sadly it has not been that much fun lately; not in a scary kinda losing it way, just not feeling the joy of getting out there and trying new things.

Something needs to change.

I need to change.

I need to catch that fire again that had me being the happiest person in the room since I was back in school. 

I think I need some challenges.

I have some incredible people in my life; I could count 4 of them who I would do anything and everything for. At least two of them could be reading this right now.  I know one of them told me he was reading the blog just yesterday. Yeah you. What up?

I want to apologize to these people for one because I am totally filled with joy when I see them but it just isn’t coming across.

So here is a challenge for you: suggest some things for me to do that one won’t get me killed/maimed or thrown in jail. Free/cheap is better since if I wanted that big of a challenge I guess I would just go back to school and start all over again.  Haha.  Hey, that isn’t a bad Idea. Hmmmmm…

Okay, just wanted to get that off my chest.

Oh and as this Posterous site is new to me I should say I write from a stream of consciousness and I do not edit for content or phrasing so mostly it is as it comes out of my brain.


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TomC said...

When I get in a funk. I go to the park and sit on a bench. Bring a snack and some crackers for the squirrels. Say hello to every person that passes, talk to whom ever sits next to you. After a while go into some shops and talk with the clerk there about something interesting you saw in the store and ask about the history of the store. You will find you had a good time and made some new friends. Possibly you even made them smile. It is just a matter of kick starting your extrovert engine.

I use a camera. Ask if I can take a picture and then inquire about their story. Sort of like this, "are you from here", "what is there that might be interesting around here". I let the conversation take it's course. Works everytime.

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