Friday, November 13, 2009

I Am Completely Blank.

Let’s just start off with some of my favorite pictures I have taken on my phone or I found online that made me laugh this past week or so.  Enjoy them.

Now onto the piece of the day, no, not that kind of piece. No man-candy on here.  Actually, there may be a little Cheyenne Candy in the next post.

It is like my mind is a piece of Swiss cheese and I can’t hold onto a fully realized thought let alone a item to really write about.

I blame this on the social media world of 140-160 character messages.  I used to be able to write and write and post without edit.  Now I feel like I have to force myself to expand on my topics.  I often think to myself that most any Facebook status update, Twitter post or Brightkite posting are easily things I can expand upon into a full piece but it just has not been coming.  I think this quite often and I thought I have written this on my other blog ( ) but the problem remains the same.

It would seem the superficial things I like to write about have also become so idiotic that I have lost total interest.  Where is the fun in the entertainment news anymore?  I am not about these people who have made a career out of being idiots for the sake of fame.  My most recent post about someone like that was Carrie Prejean and her sex tape and book promotion tour.  Yes, it was just a Twitter/Facebook post and it is easy to see how many people understood what I was saying in such a tiny statement.  I have to say I really wouldn’t waste my time to discuss her madness at length anyway.  If you want to see her I am sure she will have a show on Fox News any day now spewing her hate and lunacy with the rest; that is while she still has somewhat of a base audience.

Oh who cares anymore, right?  I have been writing this on and off for a few hours now; mostly off.  I am just ready to start the weekend.

We just got our Xbox Elite today and once Jay is done setting it up I hope we can have some fun with it without killing each other.


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