Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Camera Possibilities:

The Casio Exilim
Or the Panasonic LumixI think it will be the Panasonic Lumix (bottom photo). I like the look and the body more the the Casio and with the reviews it seemed to just edge out the Casio Exilim. But we shall see once I check out the actual prices over at B&H Photo-Video-Prosound later today with my buddy Mike.


Baiaz said...


Anonymous said...

the lumex seems to have a bigger lens, and I would be interested to hear if that translates into crisper, sharper images with more defined colour separation.....

good luck with the purchase

Trunk Guy said...

I just got the Lumic TZ3 and I cannot fault it - excellent camera. Pop by Trunkguy.com to link to the photos I took and here my quick review in Trunk Cast 103

How I Spent the Afternoon.