Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So: Should I or Shouldn't I?

As a New Yorker you travel this city in various means of transportation and you can seem to settle yourself in certain parts of the city.

Of late I have come to find that there are things that you notice as soon as you leave your nitch/ghetto/home. Things that can drive you crazy.

This would be a rant and it would be specific; am I at that point where I can just throw it up here or will the nice guy in me keep me from just going off?

Let me tell you now; people taking advantage of that nice guy role I play is what this would be about. Also, it isn't a role it is just who I am usually within the groups I hang with. I am the "friendly" fun one.

So let me know, should I throw it up on here and just spew or should I just leave the illusion alone and live the NYC life that most people just ignore.

Share your stories of annoyances and let me know if I should share mine.

Hell, I might write it and people on here will be saddened that it isn't as hard and biting as it sounds like it will be.

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