Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Movie for 2006

So this year, just as I did last year, I went to the little theater on 85th and 1st and saw my holiday movie. The movie usually isn't that new, but it is recent. Last year on Christmas evening I went and finally saw Brokeback Mountain. Yes, I waited and when I did see it I was pleasantly surprised at how many people came out to see this movie at 10:00pm Christmas evening. I liked the movie, but loved the story.

So this year I thought I would try it again. What was playing?

The History Boys
.Now I knew this was a hit Broadway play last season but I really had no knowledge of what the show was about. I knew it took place in England. Dealt with education and was supposed to be somewhat cute.
I got my ticket to the 10pm show, don't they ever change their time tables? Anyway, there was a strange crowd. Maybe 15 people at most. Some talkers, one really loud woman, reminded me very much of my neighbor but she quieted down once the film started.
I am not going to go into detail of the movie but I certainly wish my education had been something similar to what these boys get in their last (extra) semester of schooling as they prepared for Uni.
There is alot of sweetness, heart and thought in this movie and I came out feeling, though a bit sad; it felt good to be alive with possibilities.

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