Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Before Sleeping....

I just thought I would post this quick little blurb.

Have you ever watched something on tv that is so real to you that you can see yourself in the scene? I was just watching something on the DVR from Sunday night and I could swear I was one of the people on the screen.

I guess what I thought was unique is not that unique at all and many people are dealing with the same thing.

This posting is really more for me to get this out than for anyone to really understand, but then again someone might understand it...but then again I didn't say what I was watching.



photogreg said...

So what show was it? What was the situation? I enjoy reading your blog...just found it today.

Christopher said...

So the show was ABC's "Brothers & Sisters". You can watch the episode at abc.com. Just put me in the situation of the gay brother.

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