Sunday, December 24, 2006

Camera v. Phonecam

So with the holiday season here I have been running around and just snapping pictures of all things Holiday. I was not near Time Square really so don't expect all that crazy stuff, but more subtle, nice and simple.
First line is Phone cam. Second line is the Canon digital.The phone cam is actually quite good and of course it is more convenient. My phone is always in my hand when I am walking around so it makes it so easy to just snap all things around me.
The Canon Digital on the other hand is usually in my bag or in my back pocket. If I am walking I don't really like to have to stop and take a picture but I know if I stop with this camera it will look good, given I get the right angles and so forth. When I pull out this camera I want to get a really nice picture as opposed to the phonecam which I will just snap off ten pictures in a couple of seconds and just check them out later.
I love them both. Nothing will change.

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