Thursday, December 14, 2006

Room Service

Had a great Thai dinner the other night at a new-ish place in Chelsea called Room Service. After urban volleyball match Bry, Ariel, Marjun and I didn't know if we wanted BBQ or Thai. I decided on Thai and picked the new place down the street.

Great decor, not over the top but it had its pluses.

After sitting around forever trying to figure out what we would have two of us ordered the Pad Thai, one had the Pad Thai special(pad thai with shrimp then wrapped in fried egg whites) and I can't remember the 4th, but it had chicken and some kind of red sauce.

All was good. I would say head there if you are in town. We had the window seat, the only place to sit unless your date isn't that cute, but then again wouldn't all your dates be cute?

Be Well.

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