Tuesday, November 28, 2006

One Picture.

One picture is all I took the whole weekend, but I did have fun.

I got to DC around 10:30pm Friday after a long, long trip on the Chinese bus. Someone spilled soda on the floor and I think my trainers were stuck to the floor for 3/4 of the trip.
Got to the hotel and was surprised to find that my captain, David, had given me my own room. I hate rooming alone at these things because then you have to go running around to find people and teammates to go out with.
Went back down to the lobby and met up with members of NY Toxic and Seven to go hit some bars. Not a late night seeing as how it was already 11 and we had to play at 8am.
Drinks at the DC Eagle, disappointing crowd but good videos on the screens. Haha.
Maybe an hour there then off we went back to the hotel to pick up some more people and hit Halo. Very cute, bright loungy bar. Alot of volleyball people there and since it was only 3 blocks from the hotel a good place to end the night and go back to rest.
Memories of that night: Mama and Everett dancing around and Mama getting ready to tear two cute vball boys up, in a good way. Love him.

Saturday was all about playing. We team had a very good schedule, we started at 8 and we were done by 3:30. I say that is good because some teams were there at 8 and didn't get done until about 7:30. Those teams had about a 4hour break in the afternoon but I would rather get it over with and go back to the hotel which is exactly what we did.
Showered. Rested. Watched movie. Prepared to leave for seeding party, basically a buffett dinner where they list your seed(rating) for the day and also your schedule for Sunday elimination play.
Ate. Laughed. Watched people play pool. Met new friends. Got tired early and was back at hotel by 11 to just lay and feel the sore knees from Saturday.

Got up Sunday with a different plan. Needed my coffee and food, two things I didn't get before playing on Saturday. I get my Caribou Coffee and head back to drive to the venue. Day goes well. We played hard. Sadly we only took 3rd place in our division. Good playing though so not too sad.
Got our medals and hit the road to get back to NYC.

As I said I took one picture the whole weekend and it was of my and my friend Michael, who lives in DC. He begged me to stay over Sunday night so we could go out but by the time I heard back from him later in the day I had thought it best to take my free ride back to NYC. He will be up for Christmas/New Years in NYC anyway.
I need to start editing down these volleyball tournament stories. Seems more like a journal of the whole trip than a quick story. Already done now so will leave it but next time no boring details. Too wordy.

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