Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Chosen One Shall Return...

on July 13th 2007 apparently. Click here for the teaser trailer.

It looks good and I will be waiting for it. Sad, but I love these movies. Pure escapism at its best.

I have to say I was never on the band wagon until most of the books had already come out. I only read the third book, the first one I read, because I knew there would be a lot lost in the translation to the movie. Then as the books got bigger and bigger I just knew I couldn't stop reading. And there are little details along the way that explain plenty.

I will wait for the last book, of course. I will read it months after it comes out, probably borrow it from a friend.

This movie should be the real kicker of the series. Alot of action, the kids are pretty much adults in this magical world they live in due to circumstances beyond their control.

Will be good to see this movie, even if it is eight and a half months away.
And on that note....


baiaz said...

Harry Potter rules.. but I kind of like the books better.. If I dont have the time to read it.. buy the audio book and listen to it. Yea I am lazy! hahha

I was a bit disapointed about the latest movie. To much effects so the story drowned into spesial effects. It was more like a video game i thought!

But still - I have to see them! Magical! I am a true gemini so what can I say? :-)

But back to why I am here! what can I say? I like your blog!


Dop said...

I must have deleted you by mistake. I was cleaning out some old links where the blogger hadnt posted anything in awhile and I must have deleted you by accident. I will add you back on. Thanks for bringing it to my attention...

and happy thanksgiving!

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