Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sad Friday Night...

Started out like any other Friday night.
Cash Cab at 6-7pm on Discovery Channel, I love the host. Go check it out.
Thought I might be a little smarter than the questions on Cash Cab so I switched over to Jeopardy, but there has been quite a bit of noise in the hallway. I assumed it was just the wind going through the vents making noise. At 7:30 though I could hear people out in front of the door. I check the peep hole and there is Anthony, the cute concierge, and what looks like police and EMT. Now I know I was fine so I was curious and I took to listening at the door. Yes it is ghetto but I wanted to know what was up.

So it sounded as if something was up with my neighbor, Timothy. That is how he introduced himself to me last year when I moved in and I never knew his last name. I guess I never will.

Seems Timothy died sometime this week and as an elderly gentleman he didn't have much family coming around. One son and he was a widower. Very sad I do have to say but the commotion went on clear until about 11pm. I guess they had to clear the scene, take reports, pictures and such, just in case it wasn't natural.

What surprised me was the amount of time it took them to take the body out. Seems they didn't do that until about 10:30 or so. And it wasn't like I was still at the door but the foulest order came through the door when this happened.

Very sad. He was a sweet man. Very Donald O'Connor type looking, nice, happy guy.

Have to really hand it to Anthony though, you could see he was upset by the death of a tenant but also he had to be there the whole time the police and EMT were there doing everything. Plus after they left about 45 minutes later I heard noise again and there was Anthony mopping up inside the apartment. I assume he was doing it to keep the 32nd Floor from holding the smell of death but also to keep his family, once they come around, from having to be hit with the ordor upon arrival.

When I left this morning he wasn't at the front, I didn't think he would be. He did indeed have a hard night.

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Trunk Guy said...

I know it's part of his job but it must have some impact on him - surely he shuld have been allowed relief to go home and rest?

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